"I wanted to let you know that  I had an extraordinary dental checkup a couple of weeks ago.

My teeth were so smooth, there was nothing to clean, my pocketing decreased to less than it's ever been, and the gums were so tight around the teeth in the problem areas.

The hygienist may have already contacted you for more scientific information on the toothbrush.

Also, I would like to order 2 more toothbrushes."

J. K., Vermont

"After using the brush for over 18 months, I'm pleased to report that at my last exam my dentist was rather astonished to find that a problematic pocket which had measured at 9 mm for over four years reduced to 5 mm within the last 3 months. This was with only occasional additional use of a Sonicare brush, and Hydrofloss at home about three times a month. A new set of x-rays showed no bone loss in four years, and even some possible improvement in some areas."

A. H., Washington

"We purchased your toothbrush with the metal disks in 2002. We have been using them faithfully, with wonderful results. Our teeth are in great shape, we have not incurred any new challenges with our mouth or teeth, and interestingly enough, it seems that we have had less illness since using the toothbrush. I don't know if this is a part of the equation or just a coincidence.

Either way, we love the brushes.

The reason for this email is to request information on how we can get more of these wonderful brushes. We have worn ours out and I would like to introduce them to our veterinarian. He has expressed an interest for use in his practice with animals. The dogs could get their teeth brushed without having to put up with toothpaste."

G. R., Virginia

"Friday, I had my teeth cleaned. Normally, I have a good deal of plaque on my teeth. It had been seven months since my last cleaning, because I switched dentists. I could tell something was different by the way she was checking my teeth. Finally, she found a few small spots to scrape behind my lower front teeth.

The hygienist said "Wow, you really take good care of your teeth!" She also said how healthy my gums looked. I then proceeded to explain that I had been using a special toothbrush for the past two months.

Thank you for this amazing product. I would like to order 10 more."

C. M.

"My own experience is that after my first brush my teeth felt so wonderfully clean and fresh, just like that hygienist or dentist cleaned feeling. Two weeks later at a regular checkup my dentist thought they were so clean that I didn't need any cleaning from him at all. And I normally have quite a bit of plaque.

After trying one himself for a month he ordered two more for his family. He is a particularly well-researched non-amalgam based dentist. His understanding of the process was that the ionic charge around the toothbrush head changed the ionic charge on the tooth surface so that bacteria found it harder to stick.

It's also a relief to have the constant question of whether it's best to have toothpaste with fluoride or not behind us. And it's great to be out and about and just need a toothbrush and some water to clean your teeth with. Especially for our girls who have to clean their teeth after every meal, which is a challenge at the best of times!"

D. R., Whangaparaoa, New Zealand

"Hey there – having such great results with the toothbrush thought I'd write. The first time I brushed there was a brown color from all the plaque it removed. My porcelain filling in the front was stained for the last 20 years or so got whitened within three days. I've used professional whiteners that couldn't get my lower front and canine teeth white – that was making me crazy! Now there is a big difference in the color and I've only been using it about ten days.

I had some initial bleeding after about the second day of brushing, but it was an area that periodically bleeds anyway because I have a hard time getting into that spot. I'd be disappointed to see when I inspected this area food collecting in that trouble spot. The past few days, no bleeding. I've also noticed that after I eat I just rinse my mouth between meals and my teeth feel refreshingly clean again.

Thank you so much for all your good works and making these available at an affordable price."

S. P., Chesapeake Beach, Maryland

"When the new toothbrushes arrived, my 9 year old daughter got them out and started brushing her teeth... she got so excited about the fact that she didn't have to use any toothpaste and as she was brushing away, she kept making comment about how amazing it felt...that night she tied up the toothbrush beside her bed and when I woke her up in the morning, she was already awake and brushing her teeth in bed! She didn't like brushing her teeth before and now she loves it....

My wife and myself are very happy to finally have solved the endless search for the right toothpaste...we are very happy with the results we are getting from this new technology.

Thank you for introducing us to this amazing product."

M. & A., Golden Bay, New Zealand

"I got an instant result the first time I used the ionic toothbrush, I brushed for about 2 minutes and when I spat out , the liquid was brownish. I was surprised and looked at my teeth to find them whiter than they had ever been before (up until that time I had been using natural toothpaste with a electric tooth brush.)

After the 3rd day of using the brush I noticed that my receded gums on several of my teeth had grown back up! This was a concern for me, considering the non-results from my previous endeavors. I'm extremely pleased with the brush. I also noticed my breath has changed, having suffered previously from halitosis.

I'm still using the brush after 1 month and recommend anyone to give it a go...see for yourself."
C. R., New Zealand

"Holy cow, I am amazed after using the [IonField] toothbrush for the first time (with no toothpaste). My teeth felt cleaner than after a professional cleaning by the dentist, and I only brushed for about a minute. No more chemically laden toothpaste or mouthwash for me!

P.S. It's day three using the [IonField] Toothbrush once each day. Tea and tobacco staining have already decreased noticeably. The effect is equally apparent on my porcelain crowns as well as my own teeth. Incredible!"

Lee, Las Cruces, New Mexico

"For a few years, I have had a gum infection – I avoid eating meat, because of the pain. I continue visiting the dentist every three months, but I still had the pain in my gums, especially when I woke up in the morning.

When I heard about the brush yesterday, I purchased it and used it as instructed last night. This morning I had no pain, and today have even been able to eat meat. The brush is simple – but it works!"

A. N., New Mexico