About Our Toothbrush

The IonField Toothbrush requires no toothpaste. You can use a little sea salt or a small amount of baking soda if you wish, but it is not necessary, as water alone is effective. The occasional use of sea salt or baking soda will stimulate the gums and enhance the ionic effect.

After flossing, the bristles and head of the brush should be moistened with cold water. Then simply brush your teeth gently for 1-2 minutes, being sure to work the bristles well along the gumline and inner surfaces of teeth.  Give special attention to any problem areas and deep pockets. Then rinse with cool water.

The two metal disks in the back of the head create a strong anti-bacterial action. You may notice a short period of reaction from your gums when you first start to use the brush, but this is a sign of healing and will pass in a few days.

Use the brush at least once a day. (You may continue using your normal toothbrush and toothpaste as well if you like.)  The brush should last about six months. I have used one for longer with good results, and have gone for over six months using no toothpaste at all with no problems noted by my dentist.

This toothbrush has been tested by dentists in the U.S. and Japan with very exciting results.  If you wish to conduct your own test, please talk to your dentist and design a protocol that will give you a baseline reading and then record changes over a 60-day period.

If your dentist does a bacterial test before you start to use the brush, and then checks again after about 14 days, the findings should be quite clear.  

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